Lashes and Tinting

There are so many eyelash technicians out there.  How do you find the right one for you? It's hard.  I can't tell you that I'm the best, but what I can tell you is that I was actually trained and certified.  So just make sure you are going to a certified Lash Technician.  I only offer classic eyelash extensions, meaning I apply 1 extensions to 1 of your lashes.  Not a fan of 3 or 4 lashes to 1 of yours.  Those would be considered volume lashes, or mega volume.  I can however, refer you to a friend to get the volume or mega volume lashes done.  I have seen some badly done ones out there, so please just contact me for a referral to another place. 

Eyelash Extensions

Full Set Classic                -120

Class Fill (2 weeks)            -45

Classic Fill (3 weeks)         -50

Classic Fill (4-6 weeks)       -75

Hybrid Full Set                -135

Hybrid Fill (2 weeks)         -50

Hybrid Fill (3 weeks)         -60

Hybrid Fill (4-6 weeks)       -70

Volume Full Set                 -165

Volume Fill (2 weeks)          -60

Volume Fill (3 weeks)          -70

Volume Fill (4-6 weeks)        -80

Mega Volume Full Set        -195

Mega Fill (2 weeks)            -70

Mega Fill (3 weeks)            -85

Mega Fill    (4-6 weeks)       -99


Brow Tint                -17

Lash Tint                 -37

Lash and Brow Tint  -45

What our customers are saying

I love going to Sassafrass Spa.  Laura you have a talent for calm. I enjoy relaxing while I receive a massage or when you perfectly place each eyelash.  You're very knowledgeable about your products as well.  I love your pedicures best.  Amazing foot massage

Jenny R.- Mission. BC